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With this version, backups are now performed on the Google Drive. The old backup system is no longer used starting from this version of the game.

The Numbers Machine

With the new version of Google Play Game service, backups are transferred into the Google Drive. Launch the game at least once prior to the beginning of spring 2015 to avoid losing your progression.

The Numbers Machine

Version 1.01.00 of The Numbers Machine is available from now. New for this version is the addition of multiplayer game mode locally or online.Each week, players from around the world can compete on a new mathematical formula.

The Numbers Machine
Try it and enjoy it, this is a fun game that’s well worth it!
Overall, The Numbers Machine successfully manages to bring you the fun interactions and excitement that you would like from a puzzle game, and the addition of the new multiplayer mode just makes the game feel complete as a whole.
Now with the additional of multiplayer, you can to see who is better at math out of the friends you have. There is also a lot of achievements to unlock if you are into that sort of thing and need to collect every single one in every game that you play.
Keep in mind that The Numbers Machine is not an easy game, but if you enjoy playing puzzles and solving math problems, then you can download the game.
A fun math game that looks good!
Original setting for a math game and very nicely done. Starts easy but gets challenging quickly!