The Numbers Machine

The Numbers Machine - Math Game - Android

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In Paris, the Exposition Universelle of 1889 has opened its doors.
Close to the Eiffel Tower, which has just been inaugurated, a crowd gathered in the gallery of machines: Professor Barnabé Barberac going to present his new invention ...
The player must solve formula proposed by the Professor's machine to progress in each of the 75 levels.
In multiplayer mode, the player has won the battle when his opponent has no more free slot on the game board.
To do this, he must select balls that can be incorporated into the formula as quickly as possible. If the expected result is found, the balls are sent to the board of the opponent.

What's new?

Drazbedel News

With this version, backups are now performed on the Google Drive. The old backup system is no longer used starting from this version of the game.

The Numbers Machine


Drazbedel is a French independent game studio based in Rennes. It was founded in 2013.
It's the one-man studio of Damien Giroux that doing all his own artwork, game design as well as programming on Android.
The goal of the studio is to create designed, innovative games and apps that can be enjoyed by all.
Try it and enjoy it, this is a fun game that’s well worth it!
Overall, The Numbers Machine successfully manages to bring you the fun interactions and excitement that you would like from a puzzle game, and the addition of the new multiplayer mode just makes the game feel complete as a whole.