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Paperasse.pro Version : 1.0.1114Tuesday, October 16, 2018
  • Launch of the beta version of the Progressive Web App (PWA)

Paperasse.pro - Small Business Management Application - Web app

Rating : 5

This web application is a complete small business management solution and was developed to simplify and reduce administrative time in the life of a french business owner.
It includes the mandatory elements of the status in accordance with French law. This solution makes it easy to manage the contractor's accounting with the management of the expenditure book and the payment book. Commercial management integrates with these accounting documents and makes it possible to publish quotes and invoices quickly and easily.
Paperasse.pro® is hosted in the Cloud, in Europe, and provides access to micro-enterprise data anywhere in the world with any internet access. This makes it possible to release daunting and time-consuming tasks essential to the management of digital data such as backup and securing.
To suit the business of the entrepreneur, mobility or a more sedentary activity, the interface adapts to the terminal used, from the smartphone, through the tablet to the computer.